New BrewSmith Beerspresso – It’s Beer+Coffee

Beerspresso? What’s that?

This idea came about in a fit of mad-scientism in the kitchen. I liked coffee, but felt the taste usually didn’t back up the amazing aroma. Well, what if I make it super strong? I just ended up buzzy and felt spent by the middle of the afternoon.

One morning, I had all my malty ingredients out for making beer later in the day, and thought it would be a great opportunity for experimentation. Out came the plunger (coffee maker) and bam! In went a tablespoon of crystal malt, a heap of chocolate malt, and some roasted barley for more colour (not that it needed it!) What resulted was something a bit like a coffee stout, but without the alcohol or any harsh bitterness. And since malted barley is full of vitamins and minerals, it actually made me feel good, and not like a strung out addict! Nice.

A few friends of ours received a bag as a present, and promptly raved about it. Success!

After testing 6 different recipes, we found the sweet spot (so to speak) of roasty flavour, hearty sweetness and the delicious aroma and buzz of coffee. Enter Beerspresso! It’s a malted grain/coffee blend that really hits the spot in the morning. Best with a splash of milk and a tiny bit of sugar, we love having this in the morning. Once described as a “biscotti and coffee in one”, this brew is roasty, has a delicious mouth-feel, and slightly sweet from the crystal malts.

Beerspresso is now on the website for $15 (free shipping) for a bag. Give it a try, and tell us if it’s your new morning routine!



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