BrewSmith Hoppy Heart IPA Homebrewing Bottle LabelsWe’ve ran across some cool stuff recently and thought we’d add them to the store.

  • First off is a set of bottle labels for the Hoppy Heart IPA, Honey Bomb and Chocolate Paradise Porter. They’re pretty nice, and we found them in storage (must’ve forgotten about them) To celebrate, we’ve got them free with any matching recipe refill purchased.

Grab a few sets before we close them out for good! ***Free with any Hoppy Heart IPA, Chocolate Paradise Porter and Honey Bomb recipe purchase!***

  • Next we have a set of carbonation funnels. What is a carbonation funnel, you ask? Well, they are tiny little funnels you put on the top of your bottles when adding sugar.

Normally, you’d use a little half teaspoon measure and try to pour the sugar directly into the bottle, usually spilling bunch of it. How much spilled table sugar will these prevent? In our experience, a whole heck of a lot! Might seem odd, but super handy. Grab ’em here.BrewSmith Summer Citrus Blonde Ale Home Brewing Combo with Capper and Crown SealsBrewSmith Homebrewing Australia Carbonating Bottling Funnel Photo with Bottle

  • Last of all, we have a new super-combo deal for our little Aussie Wattle Pale Ale and Summer Citrus Blonde Ale kits. How super? Well it includes a set of cappers and caps and is discounted $15 (for a limited time only). Hope this makes your day and your brewing life easier.

Oh, and don’t forget, the delightfully rich Oaked Russian Imperial Stout is almost out of stock, so grab one before the season is over.

Happy BrewSmithing!


Russian Imperial Stout Homebrewing Recipe Bag with Poured Beer and Bottle

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