Brew Q4: Is it hard to brew your own beer?

Answer: No

Making beer at home really isn’t hard to do.  If you can make a soup, you can make beer!  People have been making beer at home in small batches for around 12,000 years.  When commercial brewing started in the 1800s, home brewing activity reduced.  However, home brewing skills are easy to learn, the taste of home brew superior and hangovers reduced (no preservatives)!

The first time you brew may seem a little daunting but follow the steps set out in the instructions and the next time will be much easier.  With time, as you learn how it all works, you may want to experiment yourself, adding different fruits and spices during the boil or maybe even developing your own recipes.  There’s a whole world to explore.

BrewSmith beer making kits ensure the process is even easier by:

  • Having easy to follow instructions (both in print and online videos)
  • Having all the ingredients prepared in the right quantities and clearly labelled to show what is added when e.g. “add me first hops”
  • Always having someone on hand on email or on the blog to help should any questions crop up – we guarantee a response within 24 hours

For further information about brewing, go to our ‘How to Brew’ section:

Anyone can make beer home (or even outside)!


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