Renaissance Brewing Porter Ale – Monday Brew Review

A Big Hoppy Porter Done Well

Renaissance Brewing porter Ale  closeup poured in glass

When it poured like a heavy ink, I knew I was in for something special.

Venue: BrewSmith HQ – via McCoppin’s Richmond
Renaissance Brewings Page on the beer
Price: $9.99?
ABV: 6%

Ideal time and place: A surprise rough and rainy day. This’ll turn your mood around.

Goes great with: BBQ, smoked bacon, an entire chocolate cheescake, or possibly all three at once.

Two Best Things about this Beer:
Luscious, mouthfilling, sweet, but finished off with a bitter chocolate taste. I guess that’s four things, sorry.

picture of Renaissance Brewing porter Ale poured into glass

Two weaknesses of this beer:
The hoppiness is there, but it’s a little tangy. I suspect an old bottle but it doesn’t detract from the beer much.

It’s way too drinkable considering it probably has as many calories in it as a baby calf.
I give it 3 thumbs up (even better if fresh).


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