Shipping Info

BrewSmith is shippable Australia-wide, and World-Wide

Shipping costs for a kit:

VIC – $10, Rest of Australia $15  (If you order a kit, we can ship up to two refill kits for free in the same order!)

Add $5 for the next 2 kits.


Shipping costs for 1-2 refills:

All Australia $10


Shipping cost for 3-7 refills:

$10 VIC, $15 Rest of Australia

So it’s worthwhile to stock up and order a bunch of refills at once!


Shipping cost for Accessories

Bottle caps and syphons ship for $5

Labels and Sanitizer (up to 10) $5


World-Wide Shipping

Contact us for a quote.


Any other q’s or if you need help, please send us a message at: Contact and Help

Thanks again, and Happy BrewSmithing!

24 replies on “Shipping Info

  • Scott

    Hi. Just wanting to check if your deliveries need to be signed for?
    I don’t have anywhere suitable to leave parcels at my house and items have gone missing in the past so if no one is home it needs to go to the post office.

    • Adrian

      Hi Scott,
      If you need any special handling, please let us know in the order instructions or contact us through the website.
      We generally use Couriers Please or AusPost parcel services.

  • Sonya

    Hi there. Just wondering how long will postage take to get to Adelaide, SA? Especially will the short working week for Australia Day.

    • Adrian

      Hi Elton,
      We charge $25 on the website. It actually costs us a bit more, about $29. Let us know if the website doesn’t calculate it correctly and we’ll fix it.

  • Peter

    Hi there, I was just wondering, if your based in Melbourne is it possible to pick up beer making kit and future refill packs from your own store or in person to save going through a third party ?
    Kind regards: Peter C

    • Adrian

      Hey Peter,
      We are based in Melbourne but in and out of the office, and don’t have our own shop so pickup isn’t too practical. Thanks though!

    • Adrian

      Hi Mart, we sent you an email but didn’t hear back. It should be $15 for shipping to ACT, and we will be sending out parcels today. Let us know if we can help at all.
      -Team BrewSmith

  • Esther

    Hi, would like to know if the $15 listed here is correct for shipping to Brisbane?
    And is the glass fermented protected from breaking during delivery?
    And are there expiry dates for the ingredients?

    • Adrian

      Hi Esther,
      Yes it is $15 shipped Australia wide for a brewing kit. We’ve sent thousands all over the country, so no need to worry about breakage. The ingredients are best used when freshest, but will last about 6 months with little trouble.

  • Ashley

    Hi I was just wondering about storage before the product is opened. Will it be ok in the heat or do I need to keep it in a cool place? Thanks

    • Adrian

      Hi Paul, it depends on what you’re ordering and what part of WA, but generally 7 business days. Let us know and we can give you a better estimate


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