BaconSmith Refill Pack X3


BaconSmith Refill Pack

Need more bacon? Of course you do. Three of these little kits provide everything you need for six more kilos of bacon goodness.
Plus, it includes four brand-new recipes! Try out one of these:
Vanilla Maple Bacon, Barbeque Tomato Bacon, Smoky Garlic Bacon, and Black Pepper-n-Mustard Bacon.

Refill includes three (3x) of these:

Cure/salt/sugar to make 2kg of bacon (6kg total)
Two curing bags (six total)
Comprehensive instructions
Recipes to make 10 different types of bacon — with four new recipes

What you need:
Two kilos of pork belly (per batch)
Your own fresh herbs, spices and flavours for the recipes
A meat thermometer (buy one here)

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