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Aussie Wattle Pale Ale Kit

Aussie Wattle Pale Ale is an easy drinking beer that shows off some of the unique flavours that Australia produces. In this beer, we use all Australian hops and fresh-ground wattle seed. It adds flavour and body to the beer (you’ll taste a slight nuttiness and a rich mouth-feel). A delicious and versatile beer – this one you can drink easily but has a real depth of flavour.

If you want to kick up the flavour a notch, grab some hops in bulk and add to the fermenter a few days before bottling.

This BrewSmith home brewing kit contains everything you need to make craft beer:

· Brewing grade malt extract, hops, specialty grains, wattle seed, and premium brewing yeast

· Easy to follow instructions (and video)

· Starter brewing kit (syphon, brush, fermenter and airlock) – basically everything you need to brew 2 six packs at home. Just add bottles!

Estimated ABV: 4.4%

See our FAQs for more info or watch a How-To Brew video

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12 reviews for Aussie Wattle Pale Ale Kit

  1. Ben

    This is great. I have tried home brewing before however this is much simpler without cutting corners. Everything is in the box or already in your kitchen. The only difficult part is the waiting.

  2. Luke (verified owner)

    It really is easier than making a cake. Great kit, everything you need and very clear instructions and the end product is fantastic.

  3. David (verified owner)

    Good kit, easier to use than the Cooper’s start up. Package came with the instructions for the summer blonde ale but easy to follow videos on the website. Now the waiting begins!

  4. Reuben

    The wait is over!! One words… Awesome! Great flavour the carbonation was perfect after the 3rd week of carbonation. The process was easy enough and the end result speaks for itself. Trying the IPA now!!!

  5. Brayden

    My first attempt at extract brewing and the end result was very tasty. The kit came with everything you need and instructions were easy to follow.

  6. Kayne

    I got the brewing kit as a present and what a great gift it was! Simple to brew with easy to follow instructions and videos. The flavour is better than I ever imagined I would be able to get from something I made.

  7. Ryan Scott

    I have wanted to brew beer for ages. I was lucky enough to get a brewsmith kit for Christmas.

    It’s truly awesome and brilliantly easy. I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.

  8. Lukas

    Easy to use kit, comes with everything you need except for bottles.
    The instructions are straightforward and written in a personal style.
    Now to wait for the end product!

  9. Walter

    First attempt was a great success! Great quality kit, forgot the ‘add me first’ hops until near the end and the beer turned out sensational, better than commercial brands. Already brewing second batch. Thanks Brewsmith!

  10. Cameron Hall (verified owner)

    cant get enough! about to order another batch! added a few extra hops at the dry hopping stage and had great results!

  11. Paul

    My feementation is just finishing and it tastes great. Quick question though, could you tell me the OG on the wattleseed. I got ahydrometer during the fermentation and my FG is 1.011 just wondering what the OG would have been around to compare

    • brewministrator

      Hey Paul, our OG was about 1.04-1.046. Our FG is about 1.008-1.012 (make sure you compensate for temperature). Cheers!

  12. mathewguz

    That smell when you open the Wattle seed packaging……soooooo good. Kit and instructions are easy to use and the end product was great. Do not be turned off by the price for the refills and the output of ~12 stubbies, the quality of ingredients are excellent. Cant wait to work my way through the rest of the refills.

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