Aussie Wattle Pale Ale Kit


Aussie Wattle Pale Ale is an easy drinking beer that shows off some of the unique flavours that Australia produces. In this beer, we use all Australian hops and fresh-ground wattle seed. It adds flavour and body to the beer (you’ll taste a slight nuttiness and a rich mouth-feel). A delicious and versatile beer – this one you can drink easily but has a real depth of flavour.

If you want to kick up the flavour a notch, grab some hops in bulk and add to the fermenter a few days before bottling.

This BrewSmith home brewing kit contains everything you need to make craft beer:

· Brewing grade malt extract, hops, specialty grains, wattle seed, and premium brewing yeast

· Easy to follow instructions (and video)

· Starter brewing kit (syphon, brush, fermenter and airlock) – basically everything you need to brew 2 six packs at home. Just add bottles!

Estimated ABV: 4.4%

See our FAQs for more info or watch a How-To Brew video

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