Galactic Golden Ale Brewing Kit


Limited Edition Galactic Golden Ale

It’s back a bit early this year, and packed with a heap of Galaxy hops. Expect delicious citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Also includes a set of steeping grains to boost the body and enrich flavour. This is an excellent summer beer, and we’d love to have it year round but Galaxy hops are in short supply, so, this is a limited edition! Recipe packs available until they sell out – then we’ll need to wait for the new crop next season. So stock up!

Since you dry-hop this one (i.e. add hops to the fermenter after it’s done fermenting) it takes an extra week to brew, but my goodness is it worth the wait.

Your kit contains:

· Starter brewing kit – everything you need to make 2 six packs. Just add bottles!

· Malt extract, hops, specialty grains, and premium brewing yeast

· Easy to follow instructions

· No-Rinse Sanitizer

Estimated ABV 4.5%

See our FAQs for more info.

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Out of stock

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