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Ready to geek out? This is the tool for you. Basically a fancy floating weight, a hydrometer lets you can measure how much sugar is in your home brew. Quite handy for measuring alcohol content and how big your experimental double espresso hazelnut imperial IPA is. We use these in the BrewSmith kitchen, but add a thermometer to get spot-on readings.

How To Use Your Hydrometer

Measure your brew twice: once when you add your wort to the fermenter, and once when it’s done fermenting. For extra precision, use a thermometer and add a point or two depending on how warm it is (temperature compensation table included in the measuring tube)

For more detail, we have a short video to help you with your hydrometer as well (see below). The new model hydrometer has a sealed tube so it’s much easier for taking readings – it won’t leak at the bottom!

Happy BrewSmithing!

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Hydrometer Instruction Video

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