Recipe Refill – XPA Pale Ale 2019


We like XPA and wanted to make one ourselves. Only one problem: no one was sure what an XPA really is! It isn’t a well defined style of beer and it shows; you can get an XPA from 4.2% ABV all the way up to 6.8! So we took a good long sip of our favourites (Balter, Wolf of the Willows, Holgate and even Kaiju), and came up with our own take.

It took quite a few revisions to get it right, but we think the extra time was worth it. It’s tough balancing big, bold hops in a delicate malt base, but we think we got it just right. We’ve combined fragrant Aussie hop varieties to get a juicy, hazy XPA that’s easy to drink but serious enough to slow down and appreciate. We’ve tweaked the hops a bit for this Spring re-release for a more balanced flavour.

In this recipe, all the ingredients are included: quality malt extract, steeping grains, fresh hops and premium brewing yeast. When it’s done fermenting, you’ll get to dry hop your XPA and then bottle it a few days later.

This recipe refill contains everything you need to make a batch of XPA with your BrewSmith home brewing kit. Just add bottles!
ABV 4.6% (approx.)


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