Refill – Galactic Golden Ale


Limited Edition Galactic Golden Ale Craft Beer Home Brewing Recipe

It’s back and ready for the golden days of summer. Packed with a heap of Galaxy hops, you get delicious citrus and tropical fruit aromas. Also includes a set of steeping grains to boost the body and enrich flavour. This is an excellent summer beer, and we think it deserves a longer production run. However, since Galaxy hops are in such short supply in Australia, this is a limited edition – once they sell out we won’t have any more recipe packs available until the new crop comes next winter. So stock up!

Since you dry-hop this one (i.e. add hops to the fermenter after it’s done fermenting) it takes a little extra time to brew, but my goodness is it worth the wait.

Your kit contains everything needed for your next brew:

· Malt extract, hops, specialty grains, and premium brewing yeast

· Easy to follow instructions, including video

· No-Rinse Sanitizer

Estimated ABV 4.5%

See our FAQs for more info.

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