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Refill – Russian Imperial Stout


Everything’s bigger in Russia

Russian Imperial Stout is here. It’s like normal stout – but bigger! This one packs a punch with huge amounts of grain which means bags of flavour (actually, the recipe is so big it needs two bags!).
Develops a rich, orange head and is so dark, you’ll want to sip it like a whiskey.
Speaking of whiskey, this recipe also includes fine oak chips for toasting and adding to your beer. We also highly recommend soaking those oak chips in bourbon or spiced rum (for sanitation and flavour purposes, of course).

It’s a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure beer!

You can make a beer that’s as big and bad-arse as you’ll taste at GABS, but you can tailor it how you like. We encourage weird and wonderful additions, like chili flakes, black tea, orange zest and more. Recipe ideas included in the instructions.

Your kit contains everything you need to make your brew: (so big it comes in two bags!)

· Malt extract, hops, specialty grains, and yeast

· Oak chips

· Sanitizer

· Easy to follow instructions

Estimated ABV: 9%

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2 reviews for Refill – Russian Imperial Stout

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Hard to review this one due to additions and early tasting, however all is looking excellent.
    Brewed as per instructions to pitching of yeast, post pitching numerous additions were made… toasted oak chips (included in the kit), soaked in approx 100 ml of Jack Daniels (soaked for 3 days added to fermenter seven days after pitching), 30g cocoa nibs (added with the wood chips), 30g coffee beans added 3 days after the chips and nibs. Bottled 7 days after the chips and nib addition (14 days post yeast pitching), tasting amazing but still young… look forward to intermittent sampling over the next few weeks and months.

  2. ian keith

    Received it as a Christmas present from my wife. Made it according to the instructions and fermented around 24 degrees. Yeast supplied covered a fair temp range and this is great if you don’t have temp control.
    After 3 months in the bottle revealed a smooth, roasted stout with hints of dark fruit, caramel, coffee, light pepper/spice and oak. Possibly one of the best beers I’ve ever made after 20 years of brewing.

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