Refill – Russian Imperial Stout


Everything’s bigger in Russia

Russian Imperial Stout is here. It’s like normal stout – but bigger! This one packs a punch with huge amounts of grain which means bags of flavour (actually, the recipe is so big it needs two bags!).
Develops a rich, orange head and is so dark, you’ll want to sip it like a whiskey.
Speaking of whiskey, this recipe also includes fine oak chips for toasting and adding to your beer. We also highly recommend soaking those oak chips in bourbon or spiced rum (for sanitation and flavour purposes, of course).

It’s a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure beer!

You can make a beer that’s as big and bad-arse as you’ll taste at GABS, but you can tailor it how you like. We encourage weird and wonderful additions, like chili flakes, black tea, orange zest and more. Recipe ideas included in the instructions.

Your kit contains everything you need to make your brew: (so big it comes in two bags!)

· Malt extract, hops, specialty grains, and yeast

· Oak chips

· Sanitizer

· Easy to follow instructions

Estimated ABV: 9%

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