Refill – XIPA 2018


XIPA Home Brewing Refill Bag with Hop Leaf and Graphics
The 2018 XIPA is about pushing into new directions. Trying something different. Taking some risks and making something unique. Does that suit your fancy? If so, read on.

In the 2018 XIPA, we’re using an overlooked hop variety and finding some flavours we haven’t seen in an IPA before. Compared to Hoppy Heart IPA, the 2018 XIPA is a much bolder beer. It’s more bitter and resinous but has a hefty aroma. In this special blend of 3 hop varieties, we smell rose, grapefruit, and our favourite – best described as blueberry. As we said, there are some things in here you won’t find in an ordinary IPA.
Includes a blend of 4 types of malt for satisfying flavour and body.

We’d love to keep making more experimental recipes, so let us know what you think of this limited release. We think it’s something pretty special.

ABV 5.6% (approx.)

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Out of stock


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