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Simple Cider Kit


Don’t like beer? Coeliac? Make cider instead.

BrewSmith Simple Cider recipe kit is made from real apples. It really is simple: easy to make and you get a simple, pure taste.  Zero preservatives!

Go get your own favourite apple juice and start making delicious, crisp cider today. Includes:

– Premium brewing yeast, yeast nutrient, and all natural sweetener

– Instructions

– Starter brewing kit – everything you need to make 12 stubbies of cider. Just add bottles (and apple juice)

– Takes about 15 minutes to brew (how simple!)

See our FAQs for more info.

Estimated ABV: 5.0-6.5% depending on your apple juice.

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3 reviews for Simple Cider Kit

  1. Ben

    My wife brought me one of the brew kits and I have made a few different beers now. Cider has been the easiest and tastiest. The best thing about the cider is you can make it as sweet or as dry as you like.
    The kit itself is easy to use and easy to clean. I’ve tried home brewing 30L at a time in a barrel in the back shed but it’s a marathon effort and it has not been as good as what I can get from one these kits.

  2. Ruth (verified owner)

    The perfect gift for cider lovers!
    I purchased this as a gift for some cider nuts I know. Not only was it easy to make, it was simply brilliant to taste. Well done!

  3. Helen (verified owner)

    I’ve never brewed anything stronger than a cup of coffee, but this kit made things really, really easy. I juiced and pasteurized my own apple juice (google has some nifty tips on how to do this) to make this, which did complicate things slightly, but also allows for excellent results with lots of character. Can’t wait to make up my next batch 😀

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