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The Brewing Files – Cara Malt (Light Crystal Malt)

Photo of Cara Caramel Malt Homebrewing Ingredient in Bulk

Caramalt (also known as light crystal malt) is one of our favourites to brew with. It adds quite a bit to a beer – flavour, alcohol, a nice silky texture and a healthy head. What is caramalt? It’s a crystal malt – so sugars are produced inside the grain (using the enzymes in the grain […]

The Brewing Files – What is Barley? What is Malt?

BrewSmith Bulk Raw Homebrewing Ingredients - Victory Malt

Barley What is it? It makes up the biggest part of beer (except for water) but what is it and how is it used in your brew? Let’s dive in: Barley is a grass, but one that has been selectively bred to have huge tasty seeds. We’ve been cultivating it for about 10,000 years or […]