Tangerine Honey Wheat Recipe

Going back into our recipe archives, we had a recipe that we’d love to share. If you were in the BrewSmith Brew Club this summer, you’ll already have this recipe. The Brew Club is a fun way to share some extra cool freebies and recipe hacks. Join us here!Picture of a tangerine on white background

Anyway, the recipe; it was an accident made last fall when I tried to do a double batch of Honey Bomb but only added half the hops. Angry at myself for making such a basic error, I decided to take out my ire on a poor tangerine – blending it with a stick mixer, then briefly boiling the remnants and adding them to the fermenter. It turned out super tasty, and the oils in the peel make for some delicious tangerine-y smells from this beer.

Brewing Recipe:
Honey Bomb Wheat Recipe Pack
One half small/medium tangerine (not a Tangelo, those things are too big)
Half the hops in the pack (just eyeball it, it will be close enough)
Half as much honey as normal
Brew per the instructions.

Once the wort is in the fermenter, blend and boil the tangerine with a half cup of water for no more than 15 seconds.
Then add to the fermenter, and wait until done. You’ll see some pretty cool patterns from the citrus oils mixing in with the wort in your brew.

Happy Brewing!

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