The Brewing Files – What is Brewing?

Before getting into the mechanics of beer and brewing, let’s ask ourselves, what is brewing? Besides making a tasty beverage, what else do we need to accomplish?

  • Sugars
    First of all, to ferment our wort (baby beer), we’ll need a whole heap of sugars. Barley (and a little wheat or oats) are what we’ll use, but how do you turn a grain into sugary water? We’ll cover this in a later post, but it involves a bit of trickery and a couple shortcuts to save you heaps of time.
  • Hops, Grains and Other Neat Stuff
    Second, we want to add some delicious flavours and natural preservatives so our beer will keep on the shelf and taste great. Which flavours and ingredients? We’ll get into the different grains and hops used for most beers one-on-one. Plus some interesting additions that don’t normally get used in commercial beers.
  • Yeast
    Finally, we’ll ferment this tasty wort into beer with some help from our yeasty friends. Which yeasts? There are plenty of options – sometimes thousands depending on the style! You can also harvest yeast from many of your favourite brews (we’ll show you how).
  • Along the way, we’ll include some recipes to try which will help illustrate exactly what we mean. You’ll be able to taste what we’re talking about!

    Coming up next is barley. What the heck is it and why would you brew with something that’s basically a mutated grass?

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