Want a break from beer? Make mead with your BrewSmith kit!

If you ever feel like a break from beer (however unlikely), you may want to use your BrewSmith kit for brewing something else.  How about mead?  One of our great BrewSmith customers, Steve suggested the idea and sent us his tried and tested favourite recipe.   We’re happy to give anything a go once so last weekend, we made mead.

Mead is reportedly one of the first alcoholic drinks humans consumed.  It is supposed to pre-date wine by ten to thirty thousand years (give or take) with first evidence of it being produced in 2000 BC.   It is regarded as the “ancestor of all fermented drinks”.

It’s made of just 3 core ingredients: Honey, water and yeast and was super easy to make (if a little sticky).  It can be flavoured with spice, fruit and hops.  In this case, we flavoured ours with cinnamon, mixed spice, cloves, raisins and orange.  This recipe also calls for bread yeast which we were a little sceptical about at first but we’ll see how it goes.  We have to wait for 2 months for the full fermentation process to take place and then bottle it and wait a little more.  Note: this drink is not for the impatient!  This mead should finish quite sweet and be around 12% ABV.

We’ll let you know the results when we taste this mead in 2 months time.  Watch this space!  It’ll make a nice Christmas tipple!


1.6kg honey (we used some fancy looking Beechworth Honey)

1 large orange (cut into around eight pieces — rind and all)

1 small handful of raisins

1 stick of cinnamon

1 whole clove

A pinch of nutmeg and allspice

1 tsp of bread yeast

Balance water to bring batch out to 3.8 litres



  • Sanitise your fermenter with some no rinse sanitiser (you can buy more from the BrewSmith web shop if you need some)
  • Dissolve honey in some warm water and put in fermenter
  • Wash orange well to remove any pesticides and slice into eights and post into the fermenter hole (depending on the size of your orange, you may need to cut it smaller)
  • Put in raisins, clove, cinnamon stick, any optional ingredients and fill fermenter with water to about 3.8 litres with cold water
  • Shake the fermenter vigorously, covering the hole with a sanitised hand
  • When liquid is at room temperature, put in 1 tsp of bread yeast, swirl around
  • Install airlock with some water and a pinch of sanitiser inside. Put in dark place. It will start working pretty much immediately
  • After major foaming stops in a few days add some water and then leave it to do its magic


2 months later…

  • Fermentation will slow down and the liquid will clear
  • Use your syphon to take out the meady liquid, leaving the sediment in the bottom of your fermenter
  • Bottle
  • Drink and imagine your are in ancient times


For the original recipe see:



Happy BrewSmithing!


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