What The Heck is BrewSmith?

Hi, we’re Adrian and Carolyn from BrewSmith, and we’re here to introduce you to the amazing world of making beer at home.

We started brewing in mid-2011 as a way to save money. Some of the beer was good, some of it pretty foul. Well, it turned out, we enjoyed the process more than expected.

Months later, having graduated from the “I can make beer” to “I can make good beer” status, we noticed just how daunting it could be to get there. We needed to read a stack of books, troll forums, ruin plenty of beer, and generally muddle our way through the process. Why can’t it be easier? All I want to do is make good beer and drink it! What’s the point of all of these Australian home brewing kits if they make bad beer?

So we tried more kits from all over the world, seeing which ones were the best and if any “got it right”. We didn’t think so, and decided to start the journey of making our own. BrewSmith was born! We designed an easy to use, apartment sized kit that makes great beer, has great instructions, and generally beats the pants off any home brewing kit we’ve seen.

Our beer recipes are very drinkable and flavourful, inspired by a lot of American, European and Aussie beers.

As we progress, we’ll be releasing unique new flavours and unconventional styles. But we have no idea what anyone wants unless we have a chat, so join us on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and our own blog.

Come choose your new favourite!

-Team BrewSmith (Adrian and Carolyn)

Brick Wall Photo of BrewSmith Creators

Brick Wall Photo of Team BrewSmith

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