XPA 2019 and GGA In Stock

BrewSmith Galactic Golden Ale Homebrewing Recipe Refill Bag

Back for spring are two favourite warm weather beers:

Galactic Golden Ale is a bright hit of tropical fruit from the heavy dose of Galaxy hops. You’ll add them to the fermenter when the beer’s all done fermenting to preserve as much aroma as possible. Then bottle and in another 7-10 days it’s ready to drink!

BrewSmith Home Brewing XPA Recipe Refill Bag With Flavour Badge

XPA has a similar process, but there’s much more complexity to this beer. More like a heavyweight pale ale, there’s still a large amount of dry hopping but with more bitterness and a tastier malt profile. We tweaked the hops one last time for this special release beer.

A word of caution: be careful not to expose these beers to sunlight while they’re carbonating – otherwise you can trigger a bit of skunky “Corona-like” flavour coming through. Hops are very sensitive to ultraviolet light, and the tasty hop flavour can turn funky with even 30 minutes of direct sunlight.

Happy Brewing!

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